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Creating your first game!

Working on your first game? Here’s a few things to consider to help you along the way!

Reducing dev time | GameTextures

In this article we take a look at how you can reduce your development time taking advantage of GameTextures.

Building a development PC

Building a new development workstation? This handy guide talks you through the things to consider!

C++ vs Blueprints Compared!

We talk about the differences between C++, Blueprints & what’s best for you and your projects.

Logical thinking for code

We take a look at how we can utilise logical thinking to help us write our video game code,

Winter Game Jam – Voting Open

Submissions are closed, it’s time to vote on your favourite entries to the 2018 Virtus Winter Jam!

New year, new announcements…

Find out all the details of what we’ve got planned at Virtus Learning Hub over the next year.

BenQ – A monitor for designers?

We review the BenQ PD3220U designer monitor and its value to game developers!

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