Virtus Studios | New year, new announcements…
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New year, new announcements…

New year, new announcements…

Hey there Dev Squad Virtus here. And to start things off I wanted to say happy new year to everyone… we’ve accomplished a lot in 2018 and today I wanted to talk about our future in 2019 and all the awesome things that we’ve got lined up.

Advanced Content

First things first we’re making a push to teach more advanced topics to help you take your game development skills one step further. Kicking off with our C++ series which is currently underway and available on our channel. There’s going to be plenty more advanced courses in 2019 such as an unreal engine multiplayer networking series. Stay tuned for more details on course releases…

Structured Content

With us teaching more advanced content, it’s time we changed the way we delivered it to make it easier to follow. Having said that in all new courses starting with our C++ series you’ll find our videos are broken into sections and will have additional editing to make them clean and coherent.

Art Competitions and Game Jams

In addition to the advanced content we’re going to be running more community events to allow you to push your skills with a game jam every 6 months with bigger prize pools and more participants! We’re also planning smaller art competitions in between for the budding artists out there!

New Livestream Format

2018 saw the launch of our regular livestream, this year we’re going to be taking it one step further and changing the format to deliver more value and engage with the audience more. Having said that you’ll see regular content forming these livestreams such as community showcases, Q&As, dev interviews & more.

Patreon Overhaul

As usual all of this was made possible by our awesome patrons, having said that we’re going to be doing an overhaul of our Patreon page to offer more meaningful rewards to those that support us.

You can expect the full details of the changes to our Patreon in the February newsletter.


Last but not least we are going to be launching a line of dev squad branded merchandise such as t-shirts & hoodies allowing you to look good and show off a variety of witty game dev designs all while supporting the community. This is still very much in the concepting stages and are looking for talented artists to join the team. If you think you’re up to it, drop me an email at


Anyway guys that’s just a short summary of what’s to come in 2019 and there is plenty more on the way, as always guys stay awesome… keep creating… your boy Virtus… signing out!