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Ever wanted to build a video game, website or even create stunning graphic designs? Simply choose one of our free step-by-step video courses to get started! Join the 100,000 other DEV SQUAD members that have started already.


Game Development

Want to make that dream video game you’ve been thinking of? Start here!


Graphic Design

Want to learn to create beautiful 2D digital graphics & art? Start here!


Web Design

Want to learn to create design & create awesome websites? Start here!


3D Modelling

Want to learn to create 3D models for use in games? Start here!


Game Development Courses

Endless Runner | UE4

In this beginner friendly series you will learn the fundamentals from creating infinite procedural platforms to pickups and abilities.

Difficulty: Intermediate

First Person Shooter | UE4

Ever wanted to create a First Person Shooter? This cource will teach you the fundamentals from creating a character to working weapons that deal damage.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Survival Horror | UE4

In this series we’ll learn to create a survival horror game , covering everything we need to create the hunger, inventory system & spooky jumpscares!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Role Playing Game | UE4

Want to create a RPG game but not sure where to start, this course is for you. Learn everything from creating a character to abilities, combat and more!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sidescroller | UE4

In this course we will be creating a sci-fi side scroller. You will learn to create maps, characters, abilities, puzzles and more.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Level Design Essentials | UE4

Learn the fundementals of level design within Unreal Engine 4 using this easy to follow course to create beautiful levels using Unreal’s robust editor!

Difficulty: Beginner

Blueprint Programming | UE4

This course will teach you the fundamentals of programming with Blueprints inside of Unreal Engine 4 to develop games.

Difficulty: Beginner

Animation Essentials | UE4

This course will go over and teach the fundamentals of animation blueprints, blendspaces and using these to control character animation.

Difficulty: Beginner

UI Development | UE4

Here we learn to create interactive user interface elements within UE4 such as heads up displays, menus & more using UMG.

Difficulty: Beginner

Mech Combat Game | UE4

Throughout this course you’ll learn to create a wave based melee combat game where the player takes control of a hammer wielding robot!

Difficulty: Beginner

Programming Fundamentals | C++

In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of industry standard C++ programming with a focus on game development.

Difficulty: Beginner

Graphic Design Courses

Essentials Overview | Photoshop

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design within Photoshop’s robust editor.

Difficulty: Beginner

Web Design Courses

HTML Markup | Web Design

Learn the fundamentals of creating website layouts using HTML, we cover the syntax and create your very first site!

Difficulty: Beginner

Adobe Muse | Web Design

Learn to create website without code using Adobe Muse, a tool allowing you to turn your designs into a site!

Difficulty: Intermediate

3D Modelling Courses

3DS Max Essentials | Modelling

Throughout this course you’ll learn to make basic models using Autodesk 3DS Max!

Difficulty: Beginner

Blender Essentials | Modelling

Learn the essentials of Blender modelling easily with this free course, you’ll create models & texture them step by step!

Difficulty: Beginner